Collaborated with Goonhammer on Their Updated Daemons Guide. Come Check It Out!

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with the great team over at Goonhammer on their updated Start Competing: Daemons article. I believe we put together something really special, and encourage everyone here to check it out!

Link is available here:

Hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day, whether you spend it embracing a romantic partner or in the sweet embrace of the Dark Gods.

Published: 02/14/2021; Last Updated: 02/14/2021


Mike Pestilens (magnustheread)

Mike Pestilens (magnustheread)

Mike, the founder of Warphammer, probably talking about which Warlord Traits he will include in his list. Not pictured is his date texting her friends to come pick her up early.

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  1. Jesse

    I loved the article. I was hoping to see your take on a 1k undivided army. I like that you have those in your other articles and I’m struggling to figure mine out.

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