Interview with Disciples of Be’lakor Star Bryan Malpass, Fresh Off Finishing Top 3 at a GT!

Bryan Malpass joined Warphammer to share his secrets for Disciples of Be’lakor success!

I’ll work on an accompanying writeup later, but I wanted to quickly get this interview out there as soon as possible after recording it last night. I’m off for a day of hiking with my dog and partner. Enjoy the interview my Daemonic friends!

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As always, stay safe, have fun, and may the Dark Gods bless your rolls!


Mike Pestilens (magnustheread)

Mike Pestilens (magnustheread)

Mike, the founder of Warphammer, probably talking about which Warlord Traits he will include in his list. Not pictured is his date texting her friends to come pick her up early.

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  1. Fonzworth

    Great video! Could you explain how he takes a Sorcerer without a csm patrol?

    1. Mike Pestilens

      Thanks Fonzworth! We had a lot of fun recording it.

      And should have clarified–the Sorceror was in an auxiliary detachment. He thought it was worth 2 CP just to bring that single Sorceror. Honestly that’s not a bad play!

  2. Agger

    The third secondary? Sounds like “Rod”. Is that RTBH Raise the Banners High?

    Besides Warp Ritual and Stranglehold

    1. Andras

      I assume its retrieve octarius data. Which is retrieve nachmund data now?

  3. Johnny g

    Hey, I love your site and read every article multiple times in a lot of cases
    And I hate to give critical feedback, but I have no interest in watching an hour-long interview versus like I would even read just a cheap automatically. Subtitled excrypt

    Much love,

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