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Interview with Rising Chaos Star John Bianco!

We chat about winning with Emperor’s Children, Fabius Bile, and bringing Death to the False Emperor.


Contest Announcement: Can YOU Beat AdMech with Daemons?

It’s time to celebrate. Belakor’s campaign book is coming out soon. Warphammer recently crossed 150,000 views and is rapidly approaching 200,000 views, which is really cool for a niche site focusing on longform written content instead of videos. Age of Sigmar 3.0 is coming out, which is a big deal for all the Daemons players […]

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Things Will Get LOUD Now: A Pure Emperor’s Children (Seriously) Tournament Report

The Emperor Protects, but Slaanesh Provides.

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Chaos Players, Drop What You’re Doing And Go Play Noise Marines Right Now

Appreciate the Noise Marines we have now, because they may never be this deadly again

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Analyzing the May 2021 Daemons Points Changes

Let’s discuss how Daemons player can adapt to the numerous and significant points changes they received in the May 2021 Chapter Approved.

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I Took A Faction I Had Never Played Before To A GT. Here Is How It Went.

Lessons learned from learning an army on the fly.

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The Biggest and Baddest: 9th Edition’s Best Lords of War

Lords of War have generally fallen out of favor in 9th Edition, but some Lords of War can still dominate on the tabletop


No Rest for the Wicked: Why Daemons Collapsed Competitively as 9th Edition Went On (And How to Fix it!)

It has been 6 months since Daemons podiumed a GT, in an edition that is less than a year old. How did we get here?


Breaking Down Khorne and World Eaters with Jamie from the Red Path!

Hope everyone is staying safe! I recently had a chance to record a discussion with Jamie from the Red Path. For those not familiar with the Red Path, Jamie runs an awesome World Eaters focused channel. World Eaters have always been a love of mine, and he got a lot of questions from his viewers […]

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Purging the Vermin: 3-0 Tournament Report with Necrons

I recently took Necrons to a win in my first tournament of this ITC season. Come learn more about how this proud and noble Xenos race got it done!