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Streamed Game Coming Up, and Current List Discussion

Stream Announcement Hey everyone, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be playing Daemons on a commentated TTS stream tonight against Tom, a talented player (previous GT winner) and gentleman of the game. Tom will be bringing a brutal Black Templars list headlined by multiple units of Bladeguard Veterans backed by Plasma Inceptor and Eradicator shooting, […]

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New Year FAQS: The Chaos Reaction

After a week of rumours that new 40K FAQs were going to drop soon, Games Workshop finally delivered. Basically every rules source in the game, from the core rulebook to the still active 8th Edition supplements, received updates in today’s FAQs. We’re going to go through every FAQ document today and tell you what Chaos […]

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Waging the Long War: Tips for Winning Every Imperium Matchup

After the overwhelming response to the WarpHammer article about how to beat Space Marines, we decided to expand that into a series about how to win every single matchup in the game. This series will have three articles: Beating the Imperium factions, beating Xenos factions, and beating Chaos factions. Up first (but definitely last in […]


Status of the Nurgle Daemons Guide, and Thoughts on Disgustingly Resilient

Hey everyone, hope you’re doing well. We’ve received a lot of questions about when/if the Nurgle Daemons guide is coming, so I just wanted to quickly address that. The recent Death Guard codex previews indicate that Disgustingly Resilient is changing for Death Guard units (from a 5+++ feel-no-pain to -1 Damage to incoming attacks). This […]

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Blessed Contagions: Exciting Synergies in the New Death Guard Rules

Warhammer Community recently previewed Death Guard’s upcoming bonuses for remaining mono-faction, called Contagions. The Contagion they revealed is called Nurgle’s Gift, and is an increasing aura of -1 Toughness for opposing units near Death Guard units. Caveat after some feedback: Since we don’t have access to the full codex yet, let’s assume that summoned units […]

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Changing the Game: The Guide to Winning with Tzeentch Daemons

There are some units that are powerful in obvious ways. Eradicators are a great example of this. You can place them down on the table, and due to their base stats and points, they just do their job very well. Plasma Inceptors are another great example of this. Custodian Guard with Shields are another great […]

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No Invuln, No Cry: Beating the Nightbringer

This post is going to be a lot shorter than usual, but I wanted to quickly talk about something that has caused a lot of worry for many Daemons players: the Necron’s new Nightbringer. For those that haven’t faced him yet, the new Nightbringer has the following main combat profile: 6 Attacks, WS 2+, S14, […]

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The QCC V9: Chaos Terminators, The Powerhouse of Shooting and Melee

Terminators are everyone’s favorite unit. And rightly so; with the right Legion, loadout, and Chaos mark, this unit can be an absolute powerhouse in melee and shooting, and a standout unit in any matchup. In the Quick Chaos Cut Volume 9, I’ll talk about Terminators, what looks good on them, and what doesn’t. The three […]

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Blood, Skulls, and Victory Points: How to Win with Khorne Daemons

I’m going to start this article with a counter-intuitive point: Khorne Daemons are a finesse army. This fact may anger Skarbrand, but it’s true. There are armies in the game that can deploy without much worry, take a beating, and deliver a strong counter-punch. Khorne is not one of those armies. You will have to […]

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Review of the 9th Edition Forgeworld CSM/DG/Tsons Updates

Small datasheet changes lead to big repercussions in the world of Chaos. I’ll start with reviewing the individual units and then talking about all of the impacts they have on the armies of Chaos Space Marines, Death Guard, and Thousand Sons. Let’s jump right into it. New Special Rule: Martial Legacy. Essentially the new way […]