Unit Discussion

Beasts of Nurgle: The Most Underrated Unit in the Game?

“You are about to enter another dimension. A dimension not only of high toughness and invulnerable saves, but of disgusting resilience. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. You are entering… The Nurgle Zone.” I’ll get straight to my main point: Beasts of Nurgle are not only the most underrated unit in the Daemons […]

Battle Reports

Tournament Report: Going 3-0 with Daemons

Labor Day weekend provided the chance for me to finally take my Daemons to my first tournament of 9th edition. After dozens of practice games against good players in my area, I was really curious whether the success I’d been having with my Daemons would translate in games against a new set of opponents. The […]


Excellent Exaltations: A Deep Dive Into Optimizing Your Exalted Greater Daemons

One of the most powerful abilities Daemons have in 9th Edition 40K is the ability to give their greater daemons (Bloodthirster, Keepers of Secrets, Great Unclean Ones, and Lords of Change) Exalted rewards. In the Engine War supplement, each of the four variants of greater daemons gained access to a table of 6 “Exalted rewards”, […]