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Iron Without, Iron With Wins: The Complete Guide to Playing Iron Warriors

We fight the long war, not through vain notions of duty and honour, but through a far purer purpose…


–Ferrous Ironclaw, Warsmith of the Iron Warriors

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We Have Come For You: The Complete Guide to Playing Night Lords

“I want vengeance against a galaxy that hates us. I want Imperial worlds to cower when we draw near. I want the weeping of this Empire’s souls to reach all the way to Holy Terra, and the sound of suffering to choke the corpse-god on his throne of gold.”

Talos Valcoran, the Soul Hunter

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Breaking Down the Impact of the Daemons FAQ (And What’s Still Missing)

An FAQ has manifested in the Warp. Let’s break down the impact of this update, and figure out what questions were left unanswered.

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For The Emperor: The Complete Guide to Playing Alpha Legion

This guide is an article, which may or may not exist, written about a Legion, that may or may not exist. Hydra Dominatus.

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Armour of Change: The Complete Guide to Mastering the Psychic Phase

“Knowledge is power, and with the key to the Black Library, I shall claim it all.”

–Ahzek Ahriman

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Flawless Execution: The Complete Guide to Playing Emperor’s Children

Polish your armour and tighten your leather. This Nephilim season is about to get LOUD.

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WE ARE RETURNED: First Tournament Report with the New Chaos Space Marine Codex

With those three words we declared the Long War. Words that would, in time, rise from our throats as the battle cry of the Black Legion. Words that encapsulated all that we had been, and all that we had become.


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Winds Of Change: Breaking Down the Impact of the Nephilim Mission Packet on Chaos Armies

40K has had so many changes lately that I’m starting to run out of Tzeentch puns or change jokes to make. I don’t want to get flamed for reusing a previous joke. Can you imagine a Warphammer article without Tzeentch jokes? The Horror! With that horrible introduction out of the way, let’s talk about why […]

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Wrath of Magnus: Winning a Tournament with Magnus and His Sons

“If you will not alter your path, then only one thing awaits you in the stars….. Misery.”

Come find out how one Thousand Sons player is adapting to the new meta!


Interview with Disciples of Be’lakor Star Bryan Malpass, Fresh Off Finishing Top 3 at a GT!

Be’lakor and his Disciples have quietly been one of the strongest Chaos options in the current meta. Bryan Malpass joined Warphammer to share his secrets for getting the most out of the army!