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Blood, Skulls, and Victory Points: How to Win with Khorne Daemons

I’m going to start this article with a counter-intuitive point: Khorne Daemons are a finesse army. This fact may anger Skarbrand, but it’s true. There are armies in the game that can deploy without much worry, take a beating, and deliver a strong counter-punch. Khorne is not one of those armies. You will have to […]

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Review of the 9th Edition Forgeworld Daemons Updates

It’s finally here! Five months into 9th Edition, Forgeworld delivered on their promise of updated datasheets for 9th Edition. While Daemons were never a faction that relied heavily on FW units for either competitive or casual play, they had some special Characters and Lords of War that desperately needed new points costs and datasheets. In […]